The application setup failed. Unable to start Droppix Recorder

During the installation process, the user must be logged in as the Administrator or have administrative rights to the workstation.

Make sure that you are logged in as the Administrator and repeat the installation process. If you are unsure about having administrative rights to your workstation, you should contact your network administrator.

I can not ‘see’ my CD or DVD recorder in Droppix Recorder

Make sure that:

Your drive does not have a disc in it when you launch the application.
You have manually updated the list of CD/DVD peripherals.
You have installed the latest USB drivers for your operating system (for USB drives only).

I inserted a CD-R in my DVD recorder but the gauge always indicates 4.7 Gb

By default, Droppix Recorder will display the maximum capacity of the selected CD or DVD drive (4.7 GB for a single-layer drive).To change the display to show the capacity of a CD-R, select the CD option under Parameters > Disc Type.

You can also click on the little arrow in front of the display and change disc capacity preferences in the contextual menu.

I can not render video files

Make sure that:

You are running Microsoft DirectX ® version 8.1 or higher.
You are running the necessary DirectShow ® filters in order to display your video files.

I can not play audio tracks

Make sure that:

You are running Microsoft DirectX ® version 8.1 or higher.
You are running the necessary DirectShow ® filters in order to listen to your audio files.

Recording failed or disc unreadable when using ‘DAO’ write method

Your drive does apparently not accurately support this disc writing method. Try burning your disc using the TAO (Track-At-Once) method.

The finalization (lead-out) of my CD-RW is increasingly long

Your CD-RW is probably at the end of its useful life. You should replace it.

I have got trouble recording an image file (with sub-channels) using 'DAO/96' write method

When you record an image file, Droppix Recorder defaultly writes sub-channels information if available. But some CD or DVD recorders do not correctly handle them and recording fails immediately.

Ensure that the Write Sub-Channel option is disabled (Preferences tab) before recording your image file.

I have successfully recorded an image file (with sub-channels) using 'DAO/96' write method but I can not read the disc

By default, when you burn a disc image to CD or DVD, Droppix Recorder also writes all the available sub-channels. Certain drives are not capable of accurate burning for certain sub-channels (without any visible error) and the discs produced will be partially or totally unreadable.

Make sure that:

You have the most recent firmware installed in your drive.
You have ejected and reintroduced your disc in your CD or DVD drive.

Do I have to pay for Droppix Recorder upgrades?

Only major releases of Droppix Recorder (version 2.0, 3.0, etc.) require a new purchase. All intermediary and minor releases/upgrades are free with the purchase of Droppix Recorder. Major releases occur approximately ever two years. Intermediate releases occur approximately every three months and minor releases/upgrades occur approximately once a month.