My LightScribe drive is not recognized.

- Make sure that your drive is a LightScribe-enabled drive (LightScribe logo should be present on the drive tray cover).

- Install the latest LightScribe driver. The LightScribe driver can be obtained on our website or through LightScribe Downloads.

My LightScribe drive is still not recognized after going through all steps from above?

There is a chance a registry setting is not correct. You can correct this by following these steps (only for experienced users only as the registry is one of the most important files of your computer. A mistake in the registry can prevent your PC for working normally again.!!):

1. Backup valuable data on eg. CD or DVD.

2. Click 'Start' and choose 'run'.

3. Type 'regedit' and choose 'OK'.

4. Make a safety backup of your registry by choosing 'File', 'Export' and give the file a well-chosen name. Remember the location of this file. In case a mistake happens, you can use this file to restore the registry.

5. Double click on 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE'.

6. Double click on 'SOFTWARE'.

7. Double click on 'Microsoft'.

8. Double click on 'Windows NT'.

9. Double click on 'CurrentVersion'.

10. Click on 'Winlogon'.

11. Check the value 'allocatecdroms' (in the right column). If this is '0', it’s OK (leave the registry editor without changing anything).

12. If it is '1', double click on 'allocatecdroms', and enter '0'.

13. Type 'regedit' and choose 'OK'.

14. Leave the registry editor.

15. Restart your computer.

Does LightScribe technology work with all available CD/DVD formats on the market?

LightScribe drives can read all existing CD and DVD formats. LightScribe discs, however, have a special surface that enable direct laser printing and provide the ability for high quality printing. Users will benefit from this same high quality printing on both CDs and DVDs, as long as the disc media has the LightScribe logo. Standard CD and DVD burners and drives do not support LightScribe technology. Users must purchase a new drive that carries the LightScribe logo in order to be sure that it is compatible with LightScribe technology. You can also keep your internal (non-LightScribe) drive, and purchase an external LightScribe-compatible drive.

Can a LightScribe label be printed on several times, adding additional content each time?

Yes, with LightScribe, it is possible to complete a label after it is first printed. Added content will be perfectly aligned with the content already present on the disc.

Is it possible to erase a LightScribe label?

Unfortunately, LightScribe technology today does not permit the erasing of content printed on the surface of a disc. Disc printing is permanent. Nevertheless, you can preview your label projects on your computer screen before printing them on a LightScribe disc. Before printing, users can modify the label as often as desired.

What happens if you try to print on non-LightScribe certified disc media?

Droppix Label Maker will not let you print if the media inserted in the drive is not LightScribe certified. Printing to non-LightScribe certified media is impossible. LightScribe-certified applications like Droppix Label Maker XE can identify LightScribe-certified disc media via identification information encoded on the disc.

What happens if you forget to turn over your disc before printing the label image?

The LightScribe system will recognize that you have not turned over your disc media and will not attempt to print an image on the data side, or vice-versa. If the wrong face of the disc media is present when attempting to burn or print, an error message will appear.