Case studies

Because of the declining cost of digital tools and computer devices, the CD and DVD have become the default formats for the safeguard and diffusion of digital documents within today’s corporations.

From archiving sensitive documents, to the development of product catalogs or the creation of promotional CDs, — the CD and DVD have become ubiquitous.

This widespread and varied use of CDs and DVDs often requires a solution capable of producing several hundred discs per day. Today, with the availability of disc duplication materials such as drive towers and robots, more and more companies are mass producing CDs and DVDs themselves rather than outsourcing to specialists.

With its multi-tasking architecture, pre-mastering functions, and the ability to record multiple types of discs simultaneously from multiple sources, Droppix Recorder XE is optimized for these applications. Here are two real-world cases:

Software house: producing personalised promotional CDs

A software house wants to produce and send out a hundred promotional CDs when it releases the 2007 version of its flagship product. Each disc is personalised with a label including the name of the contact and a unique serial number. The software house has a tower with 4 burners and a CD/DVD printer.

Using Droppix Recorder XE 4 it takes just a few clicks of the mouse to produce the master for the CD. The software house then creates a specific label template incorporating a serial number and information taken from its own database. The serial burning of the discs is then started from Droppix Recorder XE and each of the tower’s burners is brought online to make a contribution to producing the whole run of CDs in less than an hour. Once the burning is complete and the software has checked the contents of each disc, the software house starts printing off the personalised labels.

Marketing department: distributing a product catalogue on a LightScribe DVD

The marketing department of a manufacturer of spare parts for the motor industry wants to send the electronic version of its new product catalogue to 50 of its distributors on DVD. The manufacturer has a tower with 8 LightScribe burners connected via SATA II.

Nothing could be simpler using Droppix Recorder XE Max: The designing of the data disc and the producing of the LightScribe label to go with it are handled entirely by the software. All that remains is to start producing the DVDs on the tower and then Droppix Recorder XE takes care of automatically spreading the burning and printing of the labels across all of the available burners.